Friday, January 6, 2017

The amazing people that fill our world today

We, as a family, always find ourselves running into people that just exude LOVE in our direction.  Oh, what I didn't mention is that this is all because of Lila!  She has such an amazing energy, she is an old soul, and people just flock to her.  Here are three stories from our journey in FL that will warm your hearts, although I will begin with a video of her walking into Kohls with me today :-)

Lila also walked out our garage and driveway, onto the street, up this slope to the stop sign, made a right and went to the walk that leads us to our front door.  Nothing was too tough for this kid today!

Ok, onto our three heart warming stories :-)

This is Orlando.  Orlando works at a store in the strip mall where the therapy office is.  Since the first day we began therapy in October, we have seen Orlando every morning on his way to work.  From the first day we met him, he has stopped and spent a few minutes cheering Lila on and boosting her confidence that she can do this.  He is now saying that he can't believe how far she has come in the past couple of months.  He is shocked, and always has a smile on his face when he sees Lila!

Lila and Orlando

This is Ed.  Ed owns the strip mall where the therapy office is located.  One morning, the week before Christmas, Ed was checking out the happenings near the PT office and he cheerfully said hello to me.  Not having seen him before, I greeted him as well, and kept on walking into the office.  When I came back out, Lila was walking with her PT, and chatting with Ed, all at the same time.  Ed is a member of Shriners in Orlando, FL and fell in love with Lila.  He gave her all of the confidence in the world that she can do this and will conquer this skill with a smile on her face.  He then asked her what she wants for Christmas and she said, "a baby bottle and three diapers for her baby".  Upon opening his wallet, he looked at me and asked if he could give her some money to buy those things.  I said that this was not necessary, and he was insistent, wanting her to have a great Christmas.  So, Lila is now $20 richer and can't wait to put it in her piggy bank when she gets home....that Stinker, she already has a baby bottle and 3 diapers at home!!!
Lila and Ed

Lastly, Tuesday this week we were taking our time going into the grocery store when a man in his 70's passed by and we both said good morning to each other.  I could tell that he looked a little more intently at Lila, but didn't think anything of it because that happens often.  3 minutes later he comes back and asks me if she is sick.  I proceed to tell him that she is not sick, she has cerebral palsy and is learning to walk independently.  He takes his glasses off, puts his gentle hands on Lila's head, and begins to pray to Jesus to heal her and take care of her for her lifetime.  He said more than that, but I was crying, so I don't remember exactly what his prayer for her was...hahah :-)  There was something very special about this man, and I can't put my finger on it, but this energy that surrounded him was angelic.

Lila is so blessed to attract the most amazingly kind individuals into her world.  I hope this is a pattern for life, because if she can surround herself with good people, she will go far and be supported in making an impact :-)  Love her and am lucky to be her Mom!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!...and so much more

Happiest of New Years to you all out there in "blogland"!

We had a wonderful Holiday in SW Florida with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins.  I am so grateful for the time we have been able to share with them since arriving in September.  They are wonderful people, have a wonderful family, and have embraced us with open arms, more than you could imagine (I guess I should mention that I have been in touch with them over the years, but had not seen them since 2000). Truly, this Holiday will go down in the books as one of the best :-)
Christmas dinner on the beach, watching the sunset

Christmas sunset

Lila, Nora, and their cousin Gracie.  So fun!

Lila and my cousin Chip relaxing :-)

Super fun series of games on Xmas Eve...great day!

My dear Aunt and Uncle left their tree
undecorated so that our girls could
decorate a tree when they arrived.  So

Lila and my cousin Chip dancing in front of his decorated house.  She can get anyone to do anything!

Prior to the Holiday, the PT office showered the girls with gifts, and spoiled them like crazy!  From mermaid tail blankets, to headband making kits, to stencils and notebooks, shopkins figures and dolls, and princess jewelry boxes.  This office has embraced our girls as though they were their own, and it is amazing the love the girls feel.  This has turned out to be a very special place for us all :-)
Nora's favorite person ever!  Cecil, the office mgr :-)
She asked me if she could stay in Florida so Cecil
could be her Mom...hahah!  That tells you how it has been going over here :-)
comfy mermaid tail blanket
mermaid tail blanket

Matt and Nora returned to Verdi on New Years Eve, leaving Lila and I behind for the final 6 weeks.  We miss having Nora with us, nevertheless, it is very quiet, calm, and Lila and I get our exercises and walking done every day with no interruptions :-)  She has gotten so much stronger, more patient, and more excited about walking since arriving 4 months ago.  We have had some ups and downs, but the overall theme is that this skill has definitely branded itself in her brain as a new neurological pattern.  That was our goal in coming to FL, and now she can just walk and talk as though she doesn't have to think about each step.  This "walking thing" is becoming normal for her skill set.

Three touching stories, and a walking video, coming up in the next post!

Matt and I are so very thankful for all of your unyielding support, which continues to shower us with love, even as the years go by.  We count our blessings every day, and are glad to be able to share this journey with you all!!!