Since I began making purses 3 years ago, as a fund-raiser for Lila, I have had much success.  Recently, I have begun a little venture called "L.Mae Creations" (representing, of course, Lila Mae).  This includes sales of any of her canvas paintings, handmade purses, and any other artwork being sold for the betterment of our little girl!

80% of the proceeds go to Lila, and the other 20% to make the purses.  However, some of the purses require less material and accessories, in which case 100% of the proceeds go to Lila!

These are the bags I currently have in stock.  All bags are lined with pockets, have a magnetic snap, and an accent (brooch or button) on the exterior.  They are all made of upholstery/outdoor fabrics (donated by fabulous local vendors) that would have otherwise been thrown away (recycle, recycle, recycle)!

1.  If you like one, drop me a note for more details...mariak_2198@yahoo.com.

2.  I have multiples of a few of these, however buttons/brooches may vary.  If I have not yet put the accent on, I will give you a couple of choices.

3.  Prices vary based on size and cost of accents.  Costs are between $45 and $55.  Let me know which one you are interested in, and I will drop you a note with the cost. (Small = $45, Medium = $50, Large = $55)

4.  If you like the style of the purses, but don't see fabrics that you love, I can send you photos of swatches currently have in my stock, and you can create your own bag!  $65.

5.  I also make small accessory bags (approx 5"x7"), from scraps - that you can throw in your purse for $15.  

****A FEW NEW ADDITIONS...zipper wristlets ($25), IPad covers($30), IPad Mini/Nook Covers ($28), and cosmetic bags ($28)!  

6.  Happy shopping!

7.  All purses are handmade, so they may vary slightly.

8.  Shipping costs are additional.

9.  This is all I am making for the season, so what you see is what you get :-)

interior of all purses/bags

1. red/blue geometric (1 large)

2. orange top w/leaves ( large)

3. blue with brown/grey bottom (none in stock -
if ordered can be made after the Holidays)

4. lime/grey (2 large)
5. neutral stripe (2 large left)

7. orange top with orange/yellow/green
(3 large left)
6.  neutral tweed (2 large left)

8.  detail top 

8. blue/olive/yellow wave-teal top (one large left)

9.  blue summery floral (1 medium, cross
body strap)
10. brown and red diamonds ( 2 medium w/
cross body straps)

IPad Covers ($30 each)

#1 - vertical stripe-sold
#2 - horizontal stripe

#3 - black and white
#4 - brown/green pattern
#5 - sold
IPad mini/nook cover ($26)

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