Thursday, March 14, 2013

A HUGE thank you!!!

look at that form!
Thanks to all who participated in the dodgeball fundraiser, came as a spectator, helped with the event, and to South RAC who allowed us to use their amazing facility at no cost!  This all would not have been possible without you all!!!!  We raised just under $4500 for Lila's intensive physical therapy this upcoming summer.  The support, love, and excitement, are/were overwhelming and humbling.

Lila, Kathleen, Nora and Cassie
Lila and Nora were there all day running around with all of the kids.  This was so great because a lot of the players from last year haven't seen her for a year.  They were all very excited to see her improvements, growth, and confidence!  She really is coming along quite well, with a ton of hard work :-)

We had two teams this year that were looking for dodgeball tournaments happening in Reno, and they found us!  One of those ended up being a Mom of one of Lila's classmates (so random and funny), and the other was the UNR football team (hahaha)!  Guess who won?  Those guys were huge, competitive, yet very kind (off of the court).  We were able to grab a few photos of them with Lila, and after that they said if there is anything else they can do for her, just let them know.  Very nice of them, being that they had just met her!

Our resident hippies who had a sit-in, sang "kumbayah", and kept the peace

Just like last year, we have learned a lot from this event and will change a few things for our next tournament.  We have already spoken with the owner of South RAC and are scheduled for the last Saturday in March 2014!  Put it on the calendar and start practicing :-)  We may also have two different brackets, one for the serious players, and one for the novices.  Another suggestion would be to have local food trucks there, following the event.  So, we are working on a list of items that have been suggested to us, and would love to have any other feedback you all may have.  The more efficient and entertaining we can make the event, the more we will be able to support Lila and her treatments and therapies.
Intense games!!!
Soupha means business!

Here are some photos of the players, their team uniforms, and intense games...
The winners the past two years
Ty kept the peace

The photo says it all!
scotty and the constipation

CJ cowering:-)

hula dodgeball!

Josh and Cody Fajardo (UNR quarterback)

love the outfits

the goofballs

Dalva rocks!

UNR football team with Lila

Scotty being a kid with the kids!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Happy Sunday to you all, and happy birthday to my sister, Meredith!

I was just thinking about all of the nice things that people have done for us over the past month, especially those who don't even know our family.  For example, I was at JoAnn fabrics purchasing some buttons for Lila's purses.  I have one favorite button, so I was wanting to place a large order for them.  The woman at the check out counter was asking what I used them for, so I explained the purses, Lila, and fundraising.  The woman standing next to me, checking out, turned to me and handed me $5 and said good luck with your daughter...."tears were-a-flowin'".

Then the following week I participated in a vendor fair at our chiropractors office.  Throughout the evening I had met many new people, whom all were so wonderful and supportive.  However, one woman in particular was chatting with me about fabrics, what I might need for my upcoming purses, and the like.  She had been an interior designer in her earlier days, and had similar passions to myself, so she took my card and moved on.  The next day she calls me and says that she was at the store and saw lining fabric for $1 a yard, thought of me and picked up 5 yards for purses.  She also mentioned that she had extra fabrics and buttons to pass along to the purse making venture.  AMAZING!  I had never met this woman before, and now we will be forever connected.

Hope these stories made you all smile!  Have a great week :)