Sunday, March 3, 2013


Happy Sunday to you all, and happy birthday to my sister, Meredith!

I was just thinking about all of the nice things that people have done for us over the past month, especially those who don't even know our family.  For example, I was at JoAnn fabrics purchasing some buttons for Lila's purses.  I have one favorite button, so I was wanting to place a large order for them.  The woman at the check out counter was asking what I used them for, so I explained the purses, Lila, and fundraising.  The woman standing next to me, checking out, turned to me and handed me $5 and said good luck with your daughter...."tears were-a-flowin'".

Then the following week I participated in a vendor fair at our chiropractors office.  Throughout the evening I had met many new people, whom all were so wonderful and supportive.  However, one woman in particular was chatting with me about fabrics, what I might need for my upcoming purses, and the like.  She had been an interior designer in her earlier days, and had similar passions to myself, so she took my card and moved on.  The next day she calls me and says that she was at the store and saw lining fabric for $1 a yard, thought of me and picked up 5 yards for purses.  She also mentioned that she had extra fabrics and buttons to pass along to the purse making venture.  AMAZING!  I had never met this woman before, and now we will be forever connected.

Hope these stories made you all smile!  Have a great week :)

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