Sunday, December 16, 2012

So very thankful!

What a busy weekend!  I spent my final weekend sewing until I couldn't sew any longer.  A handful of these bags came from the sewing room at creative coverings...thank goodness!  Don't know what I would do without their help, as they sure have helped to make this Holiday season a big fundraising success for Lila!

Not only that, but they are an amazing group of people.  The sewing and cutting crew are so kind and absolutely love it when I bring the girls in with me.  Lila is learning Spanish from them and loves talking with the ladies.  The first time they all met her, they fell in love!    Just like all of us :-)  Not just the production crew, but Nancy  Christian and the women in the sales office have been so helpful in aiding in the coordination of fabrics as well as timing.  Nancy really has been a blessing to Lila and our family!  Thank you Nancy!

An amazing woman, Charlotte Heatherly, has also helped me to do some sewing over the past 6 months.  She has been sewing since she was 8 years old, and is now 68!!!  Pretty awesome :-)  I am so very thankful for her, as well as the relationship we have developed along the way.  Charlotte is one amazing woman whom has taught me a lot about life and spirituality along the way.  Lots of love to you Charlotte!!

I was also thinking of all of the people that have helped us really make this year a success.  Britt, my sister-in-law, has been there with us every step of the way.  Every time we need some graphic design work done...flyers, cards, tags for purses...she is right there for us.  Not to mention the amazing quality of her work, which amazes me every time, she is in full support of our journey with Lila!  We love you Britt!

On the other side of graphics work, is our kind and generous printer here in town...David Spillers with Digiprint.  He donated 100% of the printing services for Lila's benefit over the past two years.  He never expects anything from us, and willingly gives and gives.  Thank you David, you have really made a difference in Lila's life!

Our dear friend Eileen Fuller has gone above and beyond this year for Lila!  She coordinated an art show this past Spring, which was a TON of work, and raised over $1500 for Lila's therapy program this past summer.  She then emails me very recently to tell me that she submit info on Lila to her Soroptomist group, and they selected Lila as their happy dollars charity for November!  So amazing!  Eileen is just always thinking of our family, and we cannot thank her enough!!!  These events have changed Lila's life more than she could ever know!!  Love to you Eileen!

Laura, Laura, Laura....a dear friend of mine from college, whom I have reconnected with, has surely made a significant impact in Lila's "recovery".  Her latest decision to give to Lila revolves around Christmas.  She dropped me a note a couple of months ago saying that instead of Christmas gifts, she was going to request that everyone who gives her gifts should donate to Lila instead.  Crying...give me a minute...this is such a selfless act, and one which most would not think of.  I feel like we think of Lila's needs each and every day, but this is not something that others need to take on in their daily lives.  Laura has chosen to care for Lila from afar, an this means the world!

Claire, a friend here in Reno, came to me a couple of months ago with these jersey necklaces that she has learned how to make just recently.  They are adorable!  I fell in love with them, and then she sprung it on me that she wanted to give them to us to sell at the vendor fairs and raise money for Lila's therapies.  The general good in people always amazes me!  Again, another friend who thinks of Lila as her own, and thought of her own creative way to give back to her.  We have sold at least half of those and raised over $100 so far from the necklaces she donated.  Claire thank you so very much!!!  This was such a pleasant surprise!!!  You are awesome!

Andrea, another friend here in Reno, donated her time in getting me into the Holiday vendor show at IGT, her place of employment.  IGT happens to be the largest company here in Reno, employing approximately 1500 people.  She then took a day off to spend with me at the show selling purses for Lila.  We had such a great day together, and I am so thankful for her thinking of us during this Holiday Season!!!  We raised $623 at this event...thank you Andrea!!!

I can't even began to name all of the people who have supported us in purse sales!!   You all know who you are...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

To Matt's Uncle...we love you from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!

Auntie Bonty...ditto! have whole heartedly contributed to my purse making endeavors, and helped to make this all possible!  Thank to you!

Ok, I am sure I have forgotten many others, and for that I am sorry.  At this stage of the year (or maybe my life) I cannot seem to remember my own children's names by the end of the day :-)   So, I am thankful for you all, your love, support, and generosity towards Lila!

Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Purses, vendor shows

So sorry it has been a while since I've written.  Since my last post, I have had four vendor shows and have a ton of custom purse orders to complete for the Holidays!  AAhhhhh, in over my head right now, but will all slow down in a couple of weeks...whew.   Over the past month we have raised $1683 for Lila, and now have the purses hanging in a local Salon, CRIMSON HAIR AND ART STUDIO (855 South Center, ste 102).  Jessy, a dear friend and owner of Crimson, has allowed me to hang the purses there for the Holidays in order to raise more money for Lila.  Thank you Jessy!  I know they have sold a handful of purses, but not sure how much they have helped us to raise to date.

Thank goodness for all of the funds we have raised for Lila this year.  Our intention was to use this $10,000 (or so) that we have raised in 2012 for her physical therapy session next summer in LA, however we are becoming much more serious about having another stem cell treatment in 2013.  Just over the past 4 weeks we have seen many changes in Lila that are beginning to remind us of our "pre-stem cell" treatment time in 2011.  Lack of focus, pure exhaustion, lack of balance, lack of motivation, inability to express herself verbally leading to very long and exhausting fits (exhausting for all of us), to name a few.  We knew that there would be a plateau that would happen following the treatment, but didn't know when or what we would see...well, here we are.  Every therapist, teacher and aid has mentioned this to us, and we are clearly seeing the same issues at home as well.

So, the next three weeks bring us our Christmas break from school.  We have hopes of a lot of rest, fun activities, and very little school work, so that she can go back to school in January and hopefully have a fresh start.  I am tired also, so am REALLY looking forward to the break!

More posts to come, as I have a lot to share...this is what happens when I take too long of a break from writing :-)