Sunday, May 29, 2011

Treatment and Therapy Sessions

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all!  Hope you are all enjoying some nice weather and a fun beginning to the Spring/Summer season!  We sit here looking out the window watching the snow fall here in Reno.  Yes, this week this looks bleak as well, as we head into June, but I guess the river and lakes will be higher than usual this year :-)

On the fundraising front, we have a few things going on throughout the summer (check the side bar on the blog), and have currently raised $26,000 for Lila's treatments and therapies.  We are finding that there were some hidden costs, go figure, with the first treatment, but are still hoping to end up spending around $20,000.   The therapy program that we intend to use costs $7400 and is a four week program based out of LA.  The program is through Polfit, and has been known to show great success in kids with cerebral palsy.  There is another program that we had been considering early on in Michigan called Pediatric Fitness Center and we have just found out that there may be a way to get insurance to cover a bit of their services.  This week we are planning to take a deeper look into this, and maybe reconsider heading to the Midwest for a three week intensive physical program.  All of that said, by the end of the week we should have a therapy program in place.

As you can tell by the numbers, we do not quite have enough funding for this intensive therapy program as of yet, but they are all booked through August already.  So, we will plan to attend the program late summer/early fall, and figure out the funds as the time nears.  We do have some floating finds out there through match programs, and the like, but just have not seen them in our account as of yet.  It is all promising, and we have no doubt that Lila will have the funds by the time her program begins...and will see great benefit from attending a lengthy therapy session!

On the Lila front, she is doing quite well.  Her speech therapist just told us that Lila is meeting and exceeding her goals so fast, that she has to write new goals this week for her.  Very exciting!  The vocabulary is all there, it is just that her processing is a bit slower than average.  So, when she is asked a question she needs a few extra seconds to get the words all together.  Some people don't give her the chance to get the words out, so they think that her speech is significantly delayed...not the case :-)  When we are at home, Lila will tell us a very very long story using all kinds of words that we can't believe she strings together.  This is without prompting, which means that she was able to take the time to put the words together before telling us the story, seeming as though she isn't delayed much at all.  Just like this evening when she said, "I need more ketchup please, Maria"!  So funny...she is one amazing little girl!

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  1. I love reading your blog updates. You are doing such a great job keeping us Tennesseans in the know!