Monday, July 4, 2011

What a weekend!

Last week a friend was asking about Lila and her possible future treatments, so I was giving her the lowdown...continual disappointments, can not use Nora's stem cells due to Mexican government, spent between $3000 and $5000 of the money we raised to have the treatment fall through...blah, blah, blah...

She then asked what we were doing for fun, and I laughed, realizing that we are doing nothing for fun these days and we ought to get back to living.  So, on Thursday I had a client meeting at Squaw Valley (in Tahoe) and  decided to bring my running clothes with me in case the meeting ended early...AND IT DID!

One of my favorite hikes is at Squaw, Shirley Lake, so I decided to hit the trail-head.  Knowing I only had about 45 minutes, I was bound to enjoy it, but I didn't know what I was in for!  We had so much snow this past winter, that the run-off has provided for the most amazing waterfalls I have ever seen in the Sierras.  What a pleasant surprise :-)  I had the biggest smile on my face, and even though it was a short hike, I felt like I was hiking for hours.

It was sad to be out there alone, as I wanted to share it with Matt, so a couple of our friends offered to babysit on Sunday afternoon so that we could go on the hike together.  Wow, I forgot how nice it was to have some time to ourselves and get back to the basics.  What an awesome few days...hope you all enjoy the photos...

After having such a wonderful afternoon yesterday, we began the day today at Boca Reservoir swimming and building sand castles with the girls.  They had so much fun that Nora ended up falling asleep in the car on the way home!  This may not seem like a big deal to all of you out there, however this has NEVER happened before with our kids.  Breakthrough!!!!!  See, what a great weekend we have had...wwoooohhhooooo!
Oh, one more thing...we have officially scheduled Lila's treatment for August 2nd...another breakthrough :-)  We are now working with a team of doctors that we had originally begun with, who use only donated cord blood cells from blood banks in Mexico.  They match the gender and the blood type, which is exactly what we need for her to see positive results.  We are ecstatic at this news, and have full confidence in this team of doctors.  More detailed information to come in future posts :-)

Happy 4th to you all!

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  1. Beautiful photos and so glad you had a great weekend.....Sometimes taking a step away makes everything clearer.......