Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All great things

Sorry it has been a bit since my last post.  No excuse really, just not much to report until now :-)

(This video is where Lila get to have fun at therapy!  I bet she wishes we had the "spider" at home so she could jump all of the time :-) )

It is said that after any intensive physical therapy program it will take a few weeks to really start seeing the changes in your child.  You may notice strength right away, but not necessarily the major changes in the neuro-pathways that develop from these therapies.  SURE ENOUGH, "they" are right!  Lila is doing amazingly well!  Przemek will be glad to know that her least favorite exercise in New Orleans has made the most impact thus far!  Lila is balancing independently every single day, multiple times a day.  Yesterday, I believe she stood independently at least 10 times at home, she stood the entire time during speech therapy (not all independent balance), and had balanced independently at physical therapy in the morning as well.  She is standing independently while zipping her jacket, while wiping off her face after lunch, while playing at the kitchen with Nora...using this new skill in such a variety of activities.  This is a HUGE milestone for her, and a very exciting one for our family as well :-)

I am not sure how much I explained when I mentioned that we were switching physical therapists, however Lesley (Lila's new PT) has gone to Michigan and been trained in this intensive PT program that we have been attending out of state.  This means that we now have the same services right here in our back yard!  Fortunately for us, Lesley had time open in the mornings for Lila, and now she gets to work in the cage and the thera-suit every single week.  She really looks forward to going to therapy and gets to have some fun too!  Her strength just amazes me, and if you give her gum while she is can get anything out of her!!!!!

oh my goodness...I want to scream it from the mountaintop....LILA TOOK HER FIRST TWO INDEPENDENT STEPS THIS EVENING!!!!

Matt was getting the bath ready for the girls, and I was downstairs getting a salad ready for dinner.  Lila and Nora were playing in Lila's room when Lila called for Matt to come and watch her.  I heard lots of cheering, but hadn't even imagined that this was what she was doing.  So, I came upstairs and watched Lila lean away from her bed to get her balance, then take two steps and fall to the ground....happily!!!!  We were all so excited, and could not be more proud of her after all of her hard work over the past 6 months.

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  1. AMAZING! WONDERFUL! THAT-A-GIRL! Way to go Lila! So proud of you!