Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday mornings...

When was the last time you woke up on a Saturday morning and said, "What do you want to do today?".  It sure has been a LONG time for us.  How do we all get so busy?  Is it worth it?  Are we missing the days as they pass by because we are thinking of what we have to do today, tomorrow, and next week?  These are questions I have been asking myself, as I seem to have missed the entire first quarter of this year.

Lila turned 7 on May 16th!
Now that we have hit June, I seem to have a grasp on things, but only because I have let other tasks go.  In May, I was very stressed because all of the plans I had for the purses seemed to be more of a struggle than anticipated.  I always know that if something is not falling into place, after many hurdles jumped, that maybe something isn't right with the plan.  Sure enough...myself, and the company that I was working with for manufacturing, have decided that they are not set up for small detailed production, and we will end our work together once they are done with this last batch of purses.  This has put a halt on me finding the right business to help me start the non-profit as well.  What I have learned by taking this little break is that I am missing the creative side to making the purses.  I need to get my hands dirty again, try new patterns, and enjoy touching and matching fabrics.  I am excited about this, and will approach it all with a fresh outlook :-)  As for the purse website, I am going to talk with someone this week about getting that started, and the costs associated.  The blog doesn't showcase them very well, so I hope this will help ease the navigation for incoming purse buyers.

As for the rest of the family, Matt and I were able to get some time away from the girls at the beginning of the month, and the girls got to spend time with their Grandma and Mor Mor, which they LOVED!  We felt like we were dating much fun, and way overdue!

Lila turned 7 on May 16th, and the next day caught a very harsh virus that put her down for 10 days, poor girl.  We are on the upswing now :-)  All of that aside, Lila has grown 2 inches in the past year, and keeps on eating like a garbage disposal.  I think we are in for a couple of more inches in no time!  She is also changing a bit.  She has a bit more energy in the afternoons when I pick her up from school, leading to shorter naps...yay!  Also the shape of her nose has changed...hahahah!  Matt and I both noticed this over the past few days.  So funny, but she is looking more and more like a Barber :-)

We put the house on the market for short sale on May 22nd, and accepted an offer on the 24th!  Please pray that the lender accepts the offer and we can all move ahead with our lives.  The same night we were getting the offer, we passed a house in Verdi, NV (the town we were looking to move to), and this man was putting a for rent sign out in front as we were passing.  Matt introduced himself, thy invited us in, and the house couldn't be more perfect for our family (and Lila in particular)!  Hardwood floors, as Lila is still crawling a bit and can use her canes more successfully on hard surface flooring, three bedroom 2 bath, one story, in the Verdi school zone, 10 minutes closer to Matt's work, 1 mile from school, and the right price.  It is five houses from the river, and has an outdoor pool for those 100 degree days!  Amazing how God works :-)  We are first in line for the rental, although have not signed any official papers yet.  We'll keep you all posted!

Lila had a Mother's Day performance on May 17th and it just melted my heart.  Here are some videos and photos...
Lila waiting for the performance to begin
 Lila couldn't wait to get started.  The teacher had been telling me for weeks that she was the best singer in the class!

Nora sitting with Lila's best friend Cassidy

Lastly, Lila graduates kindergarten on Wednesday!  We are so happy for her.  The class has a singing performance on Monday morning, so I will try to post some videos from that this upcoming week.  She is very excited for it, as are we.  Matt's birthday is Monday, and he couldn't ask for a more special gift!

After school gets out, I am hoping Lila will begin working with a tutor throughout June on her academics heading into first grade.  She has regressed a bit since Christmas, and there are many reasons for this, however we need to have her up and ready for August 12th, and I know she can rise to the challenge :)  For the entire month of July she will attend intensive PT here in town...four days a week, 4 1/2 hour days.  We are not going to LA this summer for therapy so that we can move and get Lila situated here before school starts.  Hard decision, but she will still get a lot from Lesley here locally throughout July.

Other than that, wish us luck/pray for us that the house offer goes through and we have no major hurdles delaying the sale, enjoy the smile from Lila above, and Happy June to you all!

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