Friday, December 16, 2016

Lila's been working hard

Lila has been back in intensive PT (3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week, for a month) for the past three weeks.  In that time we have seen Matt come and go, my Mom come and go, Bel come and go, and now Matt will return on the 22nd...yay!!!  Lila is done on the 22nd for the month, and will begin her next and final session on January 18th :-)

Here is a recap of the past few weeks.....

A few fun Holiday events in Mt. Dora...sledding, ice skating, Santa, and a huge parade a block away :-)  We have landed in such a kid friendly area, and they love it!!!

I am having trouble continuing the text below the photos, so I will write it all here, and just have photos below.  So, as for Lila's therapy session, she keeps increasing her skill level each week.  This session Sylwia is really working on walking up slopes and down slopes.  Luckily for Lila (or not so lucky), there is a slope up from the car, then down to the PT office entrance.  She walks this every single day.  Be it slow, she is learning what it feels like to walk outside with all of the distractions, as well as the slope...tough stuff for her brain to handle.  Nevertheless, she is doing great!  They are also working on balancing from front to back and side to side.

At this point, Lila can walk anywhere on a flat a matter of fact, she hit 1100 steps one day this week!!!  This is on top of working out for 4 hours that day.  She is lifting 3 kilos per leg in the cage (our version of lifting weights), and is really sore this week.  As the weight increases, so does her skill and body soreness :-)  She is so tough, I would not like my parents very much if they suggested I do something like this when I was a kid...hahah!  I am so proud of her, and even though she has had some weak moments, she continues to persevere.   Amazing little girl!

On another note, I hope you all are enjoying your Holiday Season.  I have too much on my plate this year, so this is the first time in 10 years that I will not be sending out cards (feels really weird).  My next post will be a Holiday card, via blog :-)  Love you all!

Lila being a spectator...all of these events are too
 overwhelming for her.

Downtown Mt. Dora is so amazing with all of the lights.

Little ice skating fun for Nora

Nora went from skates to booties :-)
Nora skating with her friend she met in line,
Anaya.  They had a blast!

Our dear friend Bel, from church, popped in
for a few great to see her!!!

Second Santa of the season...Nora didn't believe
this one ;-)

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