Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Super Ninja Ball-Busters!  HAHAHAH!  I just laugh every time I see this photo!  I think that Gina must do Ty-bo,,,look at her form :-)

Matt dresses for the occasion
In January I was beginning to get the word out there about our journey, and getting so excited about all of the fundraisers I was planning, as well as the ones that were being planned out in community.  Matt felt as though he wanted to contribute and have a fundraiser that he and his friends would enjoy...the dodgeball tournament was born!  This event was just supposed to be something fun that would bring in a little bit of money for Lila, and turned out to be, most likely, our biggest success...raising $2600!

Best costume winners!  Deck the Balls!  hahaha

                           Laughter in the gym was so loud that it was contagious.   An unbelievable amount of fun was had by all, and a handful of people have made us promise that we will do this every year.  That energy has motivated us to put together a long-term fund for Lila and have a dodgeball tournament every year, supporting the therapies we would like to offer Lila, of which insurance doesn't cover.  Next year it will be bigger and better :-) it!
Go Team Lila!
Sierra Tap House always comes through :-)

They had the spirit of Rocky, but the game of Bullwinkle:-)

The Ball-Stars won the tournament!  They then turned around and gave Lila back their winnings...uugghhh, more crying...thanks again guys!

Lastly, Crossfit Initiative gave an incentive to it's members by offering a free month to one member who coordinates a team for the tournament.  There were two members who were in this drawing, and Dave Salls won.  Lucky for Lila, because he is as generous as all of the other Crossfit Members!  Dave has chosen to pay for his free month and give that money back to Lila!  Another $125 for Lila :-)  Matt and I have continually been humbled by the community support. 
(sorry we couldn't fit all team photos on the site, but thank you all!!!!!!!)
The generosity during the tournament was overwhelming.  The Ball-Stars won the tournament, and the 1st place prize was "double your money".  Upon Matt giving the guys their prize, they turned around and gave it all back to Lila!  Amazing kindness.

Not to mention the money that was thrown in Lila's little jar...that added $250 to her total...thank you!

We also have to send a huge thank you out to Chris who donated Subway sandwiches for the tournament!  Check him out at Kietzke and Moana.  Thanks so much Chris!!!!


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  1. Everytime I come over to read up on whats going on, I end up balling like a baby....gesh thanks alot!!!! So glad the fundraiser was a success, wished we could have been there....we are in spirit!!