Thursday, March 10, 2011

Motivation is sure to bring success!

Great things have been happening here over the past few weeks :-)  Lila's motivation has sky-rocketed, and she is running with it!

Last week I picked Lila up from school and her teacher told me that she stood independently for 10-15 seconds...3 different times!  She has never stood independently before.  So, within the days following this "big event", she began to do it at home as well.  She must have tried to stand and balance on her own 30 times in a row.  By the end she still wanted to do it but was so tired that she was asking to read a book :-)  We are just thrilled with this progress!  Check out the video below of her trying to balance at the couch.

Another step back riding.  Yesterday, for the first time, she rode on the horse all by herself!  This is sure to challenge her balance, coordination, and agility.  Recently she has been riding with an adult and holding her arms out to the side, while having her eyes closed, as well as riding backwards on the horse!  Again, this challenges her balance and support.  She is really turning a corner in gaining strength, motivation, and self-confidence.  At this stage, we are extra confident that the stem cells will help her to meet these goals that she is working so hard for right now!