Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great friends with hearts of gold

Our amazing friends here in Reno, Ty and Soupha Jones, have the biggest hearts I have ever seen, and tend to surround themselves with the same kinds of people.  Two years ago they opened a CrossFit gym ( locally, and are having much success.  Ty and Soupha reach out to everyone that crosses their path, and this has led to making a huge difference in so many people's lives, including ours!

A member of the gym, as well as a great friend of Ty and Soupha, Reid Weber has made a huge difference in Lila's life!  Reid won a fitness challenge that the CrossFit gym was holding, which presented him with $1300.  We are amazed to have learned that Reid has turned around and donated all of those fund to Lila's stem cell treatment!  Amazing kindness and love fills our hearts!!!!

Then David Salls, another Crossfit member, won the Dodgeball tournament challenge that Ty and Soupha had put together.  He won a free month at the gym, of which he also donated to Lila.  Crazy kindness pours out of that gym!!!  We love them all.
Lila was patiently awaiting her turn in the bounce house.  There were about 8 big kids in it at the time.  Rest assured that Lila spent at least a hour in there following the exit of the big kids :-)
To top that off, last night Ty and Soupha had a benefit for Lila at the gym (Friday Night Challenge), and raised $220.00!  There were lots of people there who participated in the workout challenge.  In the words of Matt..."My first thought was, this is going to be easy :-)"..."My second thought was, I don't know if I can finish this!".  Then the feelings began to interfere with my progress..."My first feeling was, Man I'm tired"..."My second feeling was, Holy Cow I'm dizzy!"..." My third feeling was, I'm going to puke!".  Nevertheless, Matt finished the task and had a great sense of accomplishment.  So, that's how the workout challenge went.  After the challenge, there was lots of chatting, eating, and drinking cold beer.  Couldn't have been a better night for Matt :-)  Just when he thought it was over, the ro-sham-bo contest began.  There was lots of laughter, friendly competition, and a wonderful winner (Ron Weber), who gave their winnings back to Lila (Reid's father, like son :-)!

One more thing...I can't forget Kathleen and Christian (Lila's friend who are 10 and 7 years old) who made at least 25 pens with flowers on top to sell for Lila's cause.  They are so adorable!  They sold enough to make $48 for Lila's treatment!  Amazing how the giving trickles down to the kids at the Crossfit gym!
Kathleen and Christian came over a few weeks ago to play, and were reading Lila books before great!
Well, if you live here in Reno, are looking to make a difference in your health, and are yearning to be part of an amazing group of people...I would recommend checking out the gym, meeting Ty and Soupha, and seeing for yourself what amazing people they are!  The greatest part about it is that their staff and members are equally as wonderful, and all really put themselves out there to help others :-)  We love you all and thank you for a fun night!
9410 Prototype Dr.  #12
Reno, NV

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