Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Other fund raising events...

Selling purses and paintings has been a fun way to get out into the community and meet other families that are not in our general circle of friends, therapists, and teachers.  I have really enjoyed myself and sharing Lila's story with others.  This last vendor fair on Saturday was a blast, and also helped raise money for Lila's horseback riding program.  As far as selling purses and paintings, we raised $225 for Lila's stem cell treatment!  Yay!  This quilt that you see on the table was donated to us through one of Lila's babysitters.  She has a quilting connection and asked this woman to make a quilt to donate to Lila.  So nice of her to do, and people really seem to love it.  If any of you are interested in this quilt, it is $30, and has a turquoise colored pillow that goes with it for another $5.  It is beautiful and would make a lovely Christmas gift for a little girl (I say Christmas because there are little snowmen in one of the patterns).

I had also never posted photos of our fun yoga event at the beginning of March.  We had an amazing time under Kim's direction, and are happy to have had a yoga day with the family :-)

Lila decided to be the center of attention and sit front and center while Kim was talking
We started by singing this beautiful song about how everyone in the world is different, and everyone else's children were sitting on their yoga mats, except ours :-)
Kim had instructed the kids to be elephants and the parents to be trees, and the elephants were trying to knock down the trees...so fun!  The laughter in the space was infectious :-)

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