Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We have had a fun October!  The girls have been dressing up much of the month, which has been very interesting, and hilarious.

Here are some photos of the months activities...
Mid-October we went to the pumpkin patch and  had a blast in the bounce houses.
Lila had the day off of school, so her and I went to the new Children's Museum with one of her friends.  The museum is absolutely amazing, however Lila was very overwhelmed and we lasted about an hour :-)
Lila and Hailey playing in the water trough
Girls being silly silly carving pumpkins
Halloween with Tigger and the pumpkin

Bounce house at the harvest fest today.  Lila climbed up the "stairs" by herself with ease, and went down the other side (the slide) while laughing and having a blast.  She must have done it fifteen times :-)

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