Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's been a while....

We continue to see progress in Lila, as we try our best to do some physical therapy every day, even if it is only 15-30 minutes.  She doesn't work as hard at home as she did at the therapy program, however we are happy to get anything out of her after a long day of school and outside therapies.

Before August, we used to put Lila in the stroller when we needed to get anywhere fast, and when we had some time go get from one place to another, we would have her use her walker.  Well, now we use her walker when we need to get somewhere fast, and use her sticks when we have time on our hands!  This is an amazing difference from a few months ago.  She has a sense of independence and excitement about getting from one place to another using her sticks...check it out!

We keep taking videos, and they are too long to put on the blog.  So here is a short one that seemed to have worked.  Once Matt put up the tent, the girls played in it for a bit before nap time.  Lila grabbed her sticks, stood up by herself, stepped over the tent (area at the door where it zips), walked over to the patio, stepped up on the patio, and walked all of the way to the back door!  She is making it around so well, even with obstacles :-)

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