Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lila's Progress

Another week has gone by, and the people that surround Lila on a weekly basis are continually amazed.  This past week we went to Lila's school to visit, and she wanted to stay for afternoon class.  So that she did, and walked with her sticks everywhere!  Her teachers, therapists, and the principal could not believe the changes in her.  It is exciting when other people see it, although you couldn't miss it I suppose :-)

Attending school was a good thing, of course, however Lila was so tired that afternoon that she came home and slept from 3:30 until 6:15 (we had to wake her up for dinner).  This was also a good thing because she got to go to school, as well as get the rest that she needs each day, however this mess up in Lila's schedule set her back two days!  The next morning she had physical therapy and speech therapy, and all they could get out of her was "NO!".  She was so tired that she couldn't even focus.  Then along comes Thursday, and she was a little better, but was in timeout most of the day for acting up, not listening, and beating up Nora!  Uugghhh!

All of that being said, on Monday we start a morning kindergarten program...thank goodness!!!!  She can now attend everyday without taking two days to recover.  We can not wait!  Lila has been asking to go to school this past week, as she is ready to learn and be with the other kids :-)  Nevertheless, since our return from LA, she has been going to Goddard School on Mondays and Fridays.  They have centers in the mornings where they learn their letters, numbers, do yoga, and learn Spanish!  It is a phenomenal program, for which we are very thankful...not to mention the loving and supportive teachers!  So, during Spanish yesterday the kids were all going around in a circle introducing themselves...
Me llamo es....and then they would say if they were....Mal or Bien (good or bad)....
Lila usually sits back and doesn't interact too much for lack of confidence that she is not going to use the right words...NOT THIS TIME :-)  When they got to Lila, she said in a very loud voice, "Me llamo Lila", and then gave the class a thumbs up and said, "Bien!".  The teachers were so surprised and happy!  This made all of us smile, as her confidence has sky rocketed with her peers, and it shows :-)

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