Friday, October 7, 2011

We've been home from LA for almost a week now....

Again, it is so good to be home and not living like "this" any longer :-)
The car was packed!
We have had an interesting week.  A few things we have noticed....

1.  Lila's demeanor is changing, FOR SURE!  She is happier throughout each day, laughing and singing a lot more!

2.  Her processing has sped up significantly, which has led to less fits and a ton more words.  Sometimes her stories go on forever, but we are happy to listen to them :-)  The descriptive words she is using just blows my mind!  When she woke up from her nap yesterday she said, "Maybe after I go to the new school we can pack up the car and go on an airplane?".  I laughed, and replied, "where would you like to go", then she said, "Mexico"!   hahaha!  I didn't even know that she understood that we were going to Mexico for her stem cell treatment.  It's all in that little head of hers, and now she has the ability to get it out...yay!

3.  Her sleeping patterns are back on track, thank goodness, which has led to the energy level increase and patience level change.

4.  Lila began her weekly PT this week, and her physical therapist was very very pleased.  First off, she walked everywhere with sticks, including from the car all of the way back to the PT room.  Her strength has increased significantly, as has her motor control.  The way her therapist described this change is like this:
Lila never had the ability to process any sensory input that comes from her muscles to her brain.  Not now!  Now she has the ability to process when she is losing her balance and correct it herself.  Two months ago, Lila could have never done this.  By the time the lack of balance would have processed, she would have already fallen.  The great thing about this change, is that it is DIRECTLY related to the cerebellum!  This is the area of the brain that we need the stem cells to do their best work, and it is happening!  Chills :-)

5.  Yesterday was the first day that we tried to resume Lila's PT strengthening exercises.  I was horribly unsuccessful in the morning, with a total of 20 minutes until she had enough.  Then Matt came home and rallied in the evening, and she had a blast with him.  Yay!  He got her to do 45 minutes to an hour of strengthening exercises, but only because he told her that he would act like Bartek (one of her therapists at Polfit).  It was so funny to hear him try to do a Polish accent, and physical therapy moves with Lila.  Hilarious!  Bartek, if you are reading this, I will try to take a video next time so you can see this mess (hahaha).
That being said, she has gotten a few bike rides in this week, and we have added weight to the back :-)

6.  Lila was at school today, and her teachers were so surprised at how attentive she was during Spanish, as well as circle time with letters and numbers.  Much more interactive... answering questions with more speed than before, and singing in line with the song, and not a verse behind.  So great.

7.  Since we've been home, the girls keep calling this "our new home".  They must have thought we moved, because they still are talking about the hotel, swimming pool, and the fact that the hotel was our home.  Funny, as I am having a hard time convincing them that this really is our home and we will be staying here for a while.

7.  Lastly, the girls have been having fun this week with their new found cowboy boots (thanks Britt :-), and Halloween costumes.  I worked all day Wednesday, while Matt stayed with the girls, and I came home to this :-)  Gotta love him!
Nora loves to dress up, and is always wearing shoes, anyones shoes!

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