Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 59 and 60 - two months following the stem cell treatment!

We are home!  We are home!  We are home!!!!  Wow!  What a great feeling.  All four of us are so happy to be home, and Lila was happier today than we have seen her in a very very long time (maybe even a year or so!).  She is walking everywhere with her sticks...into daycare and back to her room, across the street to see the neighbors, and even walking around the kitchen and entry area holding one hand against the wall, and the other on her baby stroller!  Her balance has really taken a turn for the better!  She has never been able to walk around our central wall downstairs, without a ton of assistance.  Now she walks around it with EASE!

Lila had so much fun with Bartek...they were very silly together!
We are so thankful for our team at Polfit, of whom are quite confident that Lila will walk on her own one day!  That is a heavy statement, and each one of them had said it at separate times :-)  This gives us joy, even if it doesn't happen in the near future.

Bartek (photo on the left) participated in two different therapies during each day with Lila.  He would mess with her a lot, and she would giggle continuously :-)

Arthur, on the other hand, was Lila's boyfriend.  She would ask if she could start working with Arthur in the morning, and not Bartek or Anna!  She would get very starry-eyed when Arthur came around...hahah!  Love ya Arthur :-)

Then there was Ania.  I loved Ania!  She was very hard on Lila, which made Lila not want to work with her each morning, but once she got started she loved her.  In the car on the way to therapy, she would say, "No Ania!  No Ania!", and I would reply with the fact that I do not make that decision, and she will have to tell Ania.  Yep, that didn't go over...she would just smile when she saw Ania....stinker!

Arthur, Ralph, and Bridget
Ralph...Ralph didn't work a ton with Lila, but gave us tons of great advice and support!  He taught us about the importance of her form in walking, as well as strategies for working at home.  We are very thankful for him as well....congrats again, Ralph, to you and your wife on your new baby girl!

Lastly, Bridget....oh, I am so thankful for Bridget!  She is an amazing Mom of a 13 year old with CP, and is a very hard working volunteer at Polfit.  Her and I had some very long, in depth conversations about stem cells, therapies, CP, etc.  Bridget just got back from taking her son to China for a stem cell program.  I was so pleased that she came back our last week of therapy, as it was great getting the chance to finally meet her and share in our joy for our children.  She is truly an amazing inspiration and someone whom I hope to remain in contact with for a long time :-)

I have another great photo of the group all together, including Anna, but am having trouble locating my camera.  Still unpacking, so will put that up once I locate it :-)

Thank you team!  We'll definitely see you again :-)

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