Monday, October 10, 2011

The amazing people we have met on this journey

Our Polfit crew!
This is the entire team from left to right (Dustin-a friend, Bartek, Ralph, Lila, Ania, Arthur, and myself)
We would not be where we are today without them.  I can not recommend their program enough, as it has changed our lives forever.  The energy and spirit that they all have for our children is amazing!  There is some Polish food coming for you all very soon !!!!!

Friends we met at Polfit (from southern Illinois :-)...
Amy, Lila, Maisie, and Dustin

Maisie has CP, and was doing awesome in the program.  She was walking with sticks, using the therasuit (and assistance), but with such great strength, keeping her head up and taking such perfect steps.  See, kids can do anything if you give them the chance :-)

This last meeting was such a coincidence.  At the hotel, the front desk staff was amazing, helpful, kind, and always brought a bright light to our day.  One person in particular, Nancy Ann, really connected with us as a family.  NancyAnn is an amazing 41 year old with CP.  She started asking me questions, of which I never mind answering, and then told me of her story, and I couldn't believe it!  If you were to see Nancy Ann for yourself, you would never know that she has CP!  From the time she was 5 years old to 19 years old, she attended a therapy program in Southern California.  When she arrived in the program, she could not walk independently, and 35 years ago they didn't have walkers or sticks for little one's.  So, she had her work cut out for her.  Nevertheless, beat the odds and is absolutely amazing, and an inspiration to us as a family.  Thank you Nancy Ann for all of your support and love!
Lila, Nancy Ann, Nora, and myself

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