Tuesday, May 29, 2012

gallery of photos

visit with Uncle Ron in San Francisco...the girls love him so much!

visiting the sea lions at Pier 39

our little monkeys...
peeping monkey #1...
peeping monkey #2
the kids didn't sleep at all...this was 5:00 in the morning!
We came home and enjoyed the afternoon on Memorial Day, bike riding with the girls!!  Matt fixed Nora's pedals so that she can actually reach them, so this was the first time she actually rode by herself!
Lila always tries to run me down while she is riding, hence the big smile :-)
I hope you have enjoyed these photos!  We have a busy week ahead, as we have decided to go to LA for another intensive physical therapy program, and are leaving on Friday!!!   AAAHHHH!  We are all very excited for Lila, and know that she will come home focusing on taking independent steps.  We will continue to work hard with her at home so that she can continue the skills that she will have gained.  Wish us luck!!!!

Happy June to you all!!!!!

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