Sunday, May 20, 2012

So much has happened over the past two weeks...

Holy cow has it ever been a busy two weeks!  I may have to stretch this into a few posts, so keep checking back over the next couple of days for all of the latest great info from Lila's world :-)

To begin, two weeks ago Lila was nominated to receive an award for being knowledgeable.  Lila does not do well in large crowds, gets very overwhelmed very quickly, and does not know how to handle it when she feels uncomfortable.  I asked her if she would like to go back to school (the ceremony was at 1:45 p.m. and she naps in the afternoons), and explained what an "awards ceremony" means.  I had to address the noise that would be part of the assembly, and that when they were cheering loudly, as she walked up to the stage, it was because she is so smart and they are all so proud of her.  I also said that it would be great if she cheered for the other kids, as they are getting awards for being knowledgeable as well.  So, after all of this talk, she really wanted to attend.  Off we went, she asked lots of questions in the car, but was excited so long as she didn't have to sing (the last assembly was with the school chorus/choir, so she wanted to make it very well known that she did not want to sing :-)...hahah!

We arrived an waited for all of the kids to file in.  As they all got settled, the chorus teacher taught them all a school cheer to do during the assembly....(two claps)...HUFFAKER...(two claps)....ROCKSTARS!  After going through the cheer a few times, they began to call the names of the award winners.

Lila was the first one to be called, and as she was walking up there in her walker, the entire cafeteria started chanting....(two claps)....LILA....(two claps)....ROCKSTAR!  Yes, I was trying to film her and balling at the same time.  What a proud moment for Lila, and us as well.  Not only was she smiling throughout the entire assembly, but she was happily cheering for the other kids and had a blast!  She didn't nap that day and did amazingly well!  We are so proud of her and excited for her to have met this "milestone".  We love her so much and know that this assembly/award has given her even more confidence in herself, and the acceptance of her by her peers :-)  We absolutely love the school that she attends, as well as the staff...thank you for including her!!!

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