Sunday, July 1, 2012

New found confidence

The girls are happy to be back together again!!!
Having been back for a week, I have a lot to share!

Lila and I are back in our routine, and have finally caught up on sleep.  Last Sunday was our first day back and Lila surprised us left and right!  To begin the day, she initiated helping set the table for breakfast, which she had never done before.  She would get plates for her and Nora, crawl into the dining room with them and put them on the table.  Then proceeded to head back into the kitchen to get her and Nora cups, crawled towards the dining room and stopped at the fridge.  Matt and I were just in awe, so didn't stop her momentum and just watched her make the next move.  What was that next move?  She stood up at the fridge and filled their cups with water!!!  We then had to assist her in getting the cups to the table, but this was an amazing new independent step for her.  So fun to see her initiate this all on her own!  The next step is to get her walking with one cane, allowing her to hold her cup and walk to the table all at the same time :-)  Can't wait!

It was quite windy that afternoon, so she needed to brace herself :-)
The next afternoon Lila, Nora, Matt and I met friends at the park.  Matt opened the trunk and realized that I had not brought Lila's walker (intentionally), only her canes.  Lila's canes are still difficult for her, so she likes to use her walker when we go to places like the park because it is significantly easier.  So, in order to minimize the fits, Matt felt it necessary to bribe her with gum...hahaa....Lila got a piece of gum, and if we caught her complaining about her canes, or not using them, her gum would get taken away.  Needless to say, she used her canes to walk EVERYWHERE at the park without a peep.  She was so proud of herself, and were proud as well :-)

At the park, she also was climbing like a champ!  She climbed this "ladder" with ZERO assistance!

Lila has also been pushing anything and everything around the house to be able to walk without our help.  One of those things is her folding chair from her little table in the kitchen, another "walker" is her bigwheel on the back patio.  So great that she is getting creative in her methods for being upright and mobile :-)

As for Nora....she is helping Lila with her independence as well.  We are potty training Nora and today she told me she had to go potty.  Lila said, "Let's go Nora, I'll help you in the bathroom".  Such a great big sister!  She helped Nora take her undies down, and then wiped her...hahaha.  This was another proud moment for Lila.  Normally she just beats her sister up, so maybe now she will help her instead of hurting her :-)

Lastly, Lila's speech has increased in vocabulary, as well as clarity.  Yes, just in the past four weeks!  This is great to see because Lila initiates conversations, asks inquisitive questions, and has become proficient at bossing her sister around :-)  Even at church this morning, many commented on how much stronger she looks, as well as how clear her sentences are!  Another great moment for us all!

So many have asked if this was a good therapy session in LA, and I would have to say that it has helped her more than we can imagine!  Thank you Polfit!

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