Friday, June 22, 2012

Goodbye Polfit and Long Beach...

Our therapy time has come to an end here in LA.  We are sad to go, and we will miss the parents and kids we have shared our time with over the past three weeks.  This group of parents we have connected with have been so wonderful, ad we can not wait to see them all next year!

On another note, Lila has developed a little crush on a boy named Zach.  He is 20 years old, has CP and is in college, and has turned Lila onto the world of knock-knock jokes :)  We bought a joke book so that her and Zach can tell each other jokes, which has been entertainment for everyone.  Lila actually told Zach that she wanted to come visit him in New York soon...hahah!  This has been fun for Lila!

As for me, while Lila has been in therapy I have been sewing purses.  Feels good to be productive while she is here, and raise money for her all at the same time :-)  I thought I would go home with an inventory of purses to be able to attend some art shows and sell them for Lila, however all of the parents, nurses, and therapists have bought them all!  I actually have 1 left, so will need to get on it when I get home.  This raised $330 for Lila!  So exciting that we can continue to raise money for her therapies, and that people really like the purses.  This has been therapeutic for me, and beneficial for her progress.

Yesterday, our friend Nancyann came over to visit.  We met her at the Residence Inn last year and we all became friends.  So great to see her!
Nancyann and Lila

Lila is sick hanging out with Grandma on the couch :-)
Lastly, Grandma came to visit and has been hanging out with Lila a lot.  Lila was sick this past Tuesday and Wednesday so we were not at therapy.  She spent a lot of time on the couch with Grandma :-)  Lucky girl!  It has been nice to have my Mom here to lighten the load, and she will make the road trip home with Lila and I tomorrow.  We will drive up the California coast for a bit, check out Monterey/Carmel, and head home.  Fun for all, and we hope it is fun for Lila.  She has never made a 12 hour road trip before, as she does not sleep in the car.  Wish us luck!!!!

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