Monday, June 18, 2012

Visitors this weekend

Yes, Matt and Nora came to visit us for the weekend!  We had a great weekend, and I believe that Matt had a good Father's Day celebrating with the girls.  On Saturday we went to visit Matt's cousins in Pasadena, Jeff and Nicole (and Bonita of course :-).  We swam in the pool much of the day, and the girls had a blast playing with Bonita.

On Sunday morning we went for a walk to get some coffee, and apple juice as seen above, and then headed to the park.  The girls had a great leisurely morning, as did Matt and I.  Lila and Nora found their own bench to sit on and share some independence from Mom and Dad.  They were chatting about their apple juice and enjoying each others company.  Very adorable, as most of the time they are fighting and just generally bugging each other :-)  I know you parents out there know what we are talking about :-)

Matt and Nora went home late Sunday afternoon, and we miss them already.  Although, Lila ended up with a very bad cold and cough from not getting enough sleep this past weekend, and Nora woke up this morning with pink eye!  So, maybe these visits in the middle of therapy are not a good idea after all.  We sure miss Matt and Nora when we are away, but really need Lila to be healthy for therapy.  So, we are heading home early from therapy today to get some rest and hopefully feel a lot better tomorrow :-)

Have a great week!!!!

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