Monday, June 11, 2012

Lila's last day of school

The day before we left for Polfit was Lila's last day of school.  I have forgotten to post this since we've been gone, but this was another very proud day for Matt and I :-)

Nora and I attended Lila's "Spring Sing" celebration for school at the end of her last week.  This was so much fun!  Lila sang louder than the rest of her classmates, and really enjoyed the musical instruments.  After much practice, the performance was great!
All of the kids sat on their individual carpet squares, and were directed by the music teacher for their class, as well as their teacher.  They sang many songs, and even had to go up to the microphone and say what they want to be when they grow up. 
 In doing this, the teacher made it mandatory that Lila crawl to her, and then stand up independently to use the microphone.  The crowd of parents was cheering so loudly, which made her feel extremely proud :-)

Lila holding her graduation certificate with Ms. Jody
Lila standing independently to say what she wants to be when she grows up :-) - trying to find the video of this moment, before I tell you all what she wants to be :-)
Lila taking a rest with her admirer - Jade
Another thing you all may not know about Lila is that she has a way with these 6 year old boys!  Last year there was a boy in her class named Timmy.  Timmy had the biggest crush on Lila, and called her his "little cutie".  He would talk about her at home, and in social situations, so his family only new her as "Timmy's little cutie".   Well, this year there is a boy named Jade in her class this year, and he is just in love with Lila..hahaha!  Every morning he runs up and kisses her (she doesn't always like this, but he feels compelled to give his morning kiss and hug :-).  There were a few minutes of rest time following the Spring Sing celebration, where Jade laid on the floor next to Lila and rubbed her hair, it was very sweet. 

Jade again :-)
 Jade's Mom actually told me that the weekend before the Spring Sing, he was drawing a heart in the sand and trying to write Jade and Lila in the heart.  The last story I have about this adorable little guy is that upon our return from the last break he could not wait to see Lila.  We entered the school and Jade ran up to her kissing and hugging her with such endearment.   He sat back down after greeting her and looked over to say, "Wow, she is just so beautiful".  Lila sure has a way with the boys :-)

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  1. So what DOES the little heartbreaker want to be when she grows up?