Thursday, June 21, 2012

Staying in Long Beach...

front door and our little patio
walkway to our apartment

front of the main house
When we found out about six weeks ago that Polfit was able to squeeze Lila in for three weeks, I hit the ground running.  The Residence Inn was an option this time, but we felt as though we couldn't get enough points for a third long term stay, so started looking elsewhere.  I went onto (vacation rentals by owner), and sent multiple notes to homeowners in the Seal Beach/Long Beach areas.  Last time we felt a bit secluded at the hotel, so being hear the beach was something we thought would be nice for Lila.  My note explained why we were coming and asked if anyone was willing to give us a good rate, due to the fact that we were using all fundraising monies to make this trip happen.

A few homeowners got back to me, and one in particular went out of her way to help.  Lupe was willing to give us this adorable little one bedroom apartment in Long Beach (on the peninsula) for a very low cost for three weeks.  Not only was she willing to cut the rent, but she has let me do laundry in her house, and let us use her sand toys, picnic table, and anything else we possibly need.  Her an Rick are so very kind, and we feel very fortunate to have connected with them :-)

We are four houses from the beach, and Lila is in heaven!  We walk along the water, go for bike-rides, and spend time on the beach in the water.  Everyday after therapy she asks to go to the beach because it makes her so calm, and allows her to relax.  Since Nora has gone home, Lila misses her company a ton, nevertheless has been able to meet lots of kids at the beach.  Lila amazes me how she will just go up to any kids and play, even if they didn't invite her over :-)  She feels as though she is typical, and is very confident in herself, which is so fun to see.  Just one more thing she has taught me over time..."don't live in fear of what others may think".  I think this is a lesson that many of us can learn from her.

house around the corner from us
Last time we went to therapy in New Orleans, everyone commented on how they enjoyed the photos of the architecture in the area where we were spending our time for three weeks.  Here are some photos of the architecture in the area of Long Beach.  I take it for granted because we have spent a fair bit of time here in Southern California, but there are many of you who may have never been here before.  So, hope you enjoy!
beach style architecture

Modern gem
eclectic three story

Refreshing one story amongst all of the large beach homes

Beautiful home that gives me the feeling of being in Thailand!

Love the flower bed

This is all one house!  Holy canoli!!!
Spanish style influence

Hope you all have a wonderful week :-)

The homes across the water from us

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