Friday, September 21, 2012

Great news!

As most of you know, I have been making purses for the past 1 1/2 years in order to raise money for Lila's treatments and therapies not covered by insurance.  This has been a nice avenue of revenue for her fund raising account, however is very difficult to take it to the next level when it is just one person making the purses (me, that is).  I had become very stressed trying to build an inventory and get the word out there.  So, about two or three months ago I began working with this amazing woman from church, who has sewn for 60 years now.  She is very talented, and was willing to help me make some purses and take the load off.  Very very helpful, but I had to pay her a bit for her time.

Over the past year I have tossed around the idea of beginning an Etsy (all handmade items from artists around the world) site is in order take this one step further and hopefully raise enough money for Lila to have another stem cell treatment and multiple therapies over the upcoming years.  However, this could not be done without an inventory substantial enough to support a site like went on hold for a while.

A dear friend of ours has recently connected me with this amazing entrepreneur in the Reno are who owns a company called Creative Coverings.  Creative Coverings is a company that makes tablecloths for events and  high end weddings.  They have a cut and sew in house, and are looking for a way to give back to the community.  LILA, I say!  They have chosen Lila to be their "charity" and are going to make purses for us using their scraps (which are awesome), at no cost to us!  HOLY COW!  We can finally gain an inventory and make this happen!  So exciting!  This will all happen over the next few weeks, and I will post samples as soon as possible.

Hope you all are excited as I am!

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