Monday, September 24, 2012

Lila is on Fall break!

Seems like it's been a long time since Lila began school on July 23rd.  Thankfully, we have hit Fall break time, as we all need a little change for a few weeks.  I know that this is called BREAK, however, Lila always loses a ton of information on her breaks so we are going to be busy.  The first week, beginning today, Lila will attend a week of intensive physical therapy here in town with her weekly physical therapist.  4 1/2 hours a day, Monday through Thursday.  Friday will provide a nice break, and then a fun weekend in San Francisco with Uncle Ron.

Lila and Jaden
This past weekend, to kick off break, we attended the buddy walk to support our friend Jaden!  What a fun morning, including the tumble-bus and bounce house :-)  The girls had a blast, and took really long naps that afternoon!  We always enjoy this event, and are glad to help out our friends in any way possible :-)

Lila is also going to begin hyperbaric oxygen treatments today.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next three weeks.  My next few blog posts will get more in depth with what hyperbarics can do for kids with CP.

Lila being silly after church yesterday!
The following two weeks Lila will go to Goddard school from 9-12 every morning in order to keep her academics on track.  May not seem like much of a break, but will be a nice change for Lila (and I) :-)  She needs to maintain a schedule or else she just turns into a mess, so these three weeks will be very nice.  She will be able to interact with a different group of kids, and have fun with one of her favorite teachers around!  Thank you very much to Denise for affording Lila this opportunity to come to her school in October...we are thankful for people like Denise in our lives!

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