Thursday, October 18, 2012

Night of indulgence 10-19-12

Before I tell you about the event happening tomorrow evening, I would like to extend a thank you to a couple of more people...My dear friend Keith, who now lives in Southern California, made a donation to Lila a few months ago solely based on the fact that he was thinking of her....LOVE HIM!  I have known Keith since the mid-90's, and although we may not chat very frequently, I always know that he is there :-)

Secondly, Shauna...Shauna is a friend of a friend whom I met earlier this year at the Art for a Fresh Start event for Lila.  She bought a purse from me there, called me a week later and we met up for her to buy another purse, and just came by the house today and bought two more!  She always thinks of me/Lila when buying gifts for friends family, and the Holidays!  I love her!  We chatted for about an hour today, shared some good laughs, and she gave me a few great suggestions for the purses.  Not only that, but she offered a great idea for a new project, in order to raise money for Lila.  More to come on that, but wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to Shauna!!!

Lastly, I have been asked to sell purses at the Family First Chiropractic's Night of Indulgence tomorrow evening.  This is always a fun event, and full of great energy!  Please come by and check out the 10 minute massages, my handmade purses, henna artist, and much more!  There will be good food and good company :-)  Hope to see you all there!!!!

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