Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Over the past three or four months we have had many friends and family reaching out to continue their support for Lila.  My niece, Vanessa, organized a fundraiser at her school, getting the word out, educating others and raising almost $125 for her cousin.  Our chiropractor and friend, Cliff Fisher of Family First Chiropractic (amazing group, you all should go check them out!), has a customer appreciation picnic every year, of which I was able to set up tables and sell purses for Lila.  My sales totaled $292, and they also chose Lila to be one of their three charities that they support with the funds raised in the raffle... totaling $605.00!  Feel so blessed to have people pulling for Lila!

A dear friend here in Reno has recently asked what she can do for Lila, as her company offers a paid day off for community service :-)  She happens to work at IGT, a company who hosts an annual Holiday fair at their site each year.  Only IGT employees can sell goods, so she has offered to take the day to sell purses for Lila, and I can be her assistant :-)  So cool!

Another friend here in Reno was reading my posts about hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and decided that she needed to donate to Lila and help keep her moving along.  This friend has enough on her plate, with four children, that donating to Lila should be the last thing on her mind, but it wasn't.  I am humbled to have such support here in our community! (remember...the chipin button on the blog is always active, and we are continually fundraising for treatments and therapies :-)

Oh yes, and Matt's uncle...he is supporting Lila in more ways than I can express.  His motto is "silence is safety", and doesn't liked to be praised for his kindness, so I will leave it at that :-)

Lastly, I will be involved with 5 vendor shows this Holiday season, of which all fees for the shows have been waived, in order to help Lila even further :-)  People are good, and we are very thankful for the love and support that is still flowing out there for Lila!

Thanks to you all!!!!

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