Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Black Friday sale on all hand sewn items...15% OFF!!!!

yummy dessert with cookies!
We hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as we all have so much to be thankful for!  We shared our afternoon with good friends and good food, which is such a wonderful combination :-)

Since our talks throughout lunch/dessert, I have decided to have a Black Friday Sale of my own!!!  I have just uploaded all of the bags I have in stock, under the "PURSES FOR SALE TAB" (including IPad covers, cosmetic bags, zipper wristlets, and an IPad mini/nook cover).  Check out the entire new selection, and email me at the address in the instructions on the page.  I will send all orders out via UPS next Friday so you will all have them by Christmas.  If you are local, I will be delivering bags this coming Thursday, and one more time before the Holidays.  Please feel free to ask any questions...dimensions, craftsmanship, ideas, etc.  Also, these are all of the goods that I plan to make before the Holidays, so grab them before someone else does :-)
cabbage, apple, broccoli, carrot slaw..mmmmm

Our December is looking to be busy but fun:-)  We have two Christmas parties early December, I have a work trip to LA, Grandma is coming for a visit mid-December, we are hosting our CP support group meeting on December 14th (which will be so much fun to celebrate with our friends!), we will spend the Holidays together, and then head to LA for intensive physical therapy on December 27th through January 17th.

One more thing that we have to be very grateful for is the possibility, which may be there for us next April, to use Nora's cord blood stem cells for Lila's benefit!  It is looking very promising, but I am not completely convinced.  There are still some hoops to jump through, so your prayers would be welcomed :-)

Hope you all have a fabulous Holiday Season!

Now go and make some cookies :-)

cookies are in the oven!
Soupha and the kids making cookies

All of the kids coloring together
AAAAHHHH, these cookies were sooo good!  Had so much fun making them, and even more fun eating them :-)
Lila so badly wanted to have a parade with everyone, so here is Matt leading the troops through the house :-)  It was hilarious!

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