Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday Support!

Thank you all for your Black Friday support!  We raised $391.40 for Lila, while providing you all with unique, handmade Christmas gifts!  Thank you so very much, as we are headed toward our goal of offering Lila her next stem cell treatment in Spring of 2014 :-)

Happy holidays!


  1. HI Maria. I hope you remember me - Rachel, mother of Max and Wren that were at Goddard a few years back. I ran into your husband at the pumpkin patch and invited him to join our Music Monsters group. He seemed interested, but we never heard from him. I want to make sure it is because he changed his mind, not because he lost our number. Next Monday is the last week to join. Basically, Mondays at 5ish we convene with about ten other families. The kids (age 3-6) take an amazing music class here and the adults hang out with cocktails (some alcoholic, some not). We then potluck. It is a lot of fun. The parents are a mix of religions, interests, working and stay-at-home. Almost all the kids are little )3-6, except one girl who is 16. She is non-verbal due to autism, but sings during music class. It's so cool. The cost is $35 a month to the music teacher. The first class is free. We have one Monday and then two weeks off and start up again in January. It then goes until May when we join a huge show at the Nugget. Anyway, we thought you guys would be a fun addition to our little community. Let me know if you are interested. Sorry to post here, but I didn't know how else to find you and we need to have the class set before January - we can't add after that time due to the show. or 775-527-6278. If you want to try it out Monday, it will be free and if you want to bring the purses to sell, that is totally appropriate too.

  2. Rachel, please drop me an email at Thanks!