Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Enjoying the Holidays

 It has been a fun Holiday Season for us all here at the Barber household, as the girls are really getting in the spirit this year!  Macy's has a Santa Mail Box that goes directly to the North Pole (believe it or not!), and for every postcard they receive, they will donate $1 to the Make-a-wish foundation :-)

So, one Saturday morning we filled out our postcards, and made a trip to the mailbox the next morning.  The girls had so many questions about Santa, the postcard, the elves, and more.  Nora's wheels are really turning on this one :-)  To the left is Nora's card to Santa..."Merry Christmas, I would like a baby with a binky, please.  Nora".  As you can see, she got tired of writing, so we used the printer machine to complete the card :-)

Same for Lila, she writes..."I would like Paper Moon bag, Lila, Love, Lila, sit (just because she wanted to type in the word sit)"..hahah!  So, there is a store in Reno called Paper Moon, and she would just not change her mind that she wanted a Paper Moon bag and a cookie in it.  Love this Kid!  Could it be any easier :-)

 This weekend my Mom is coming to town to visit the girls before Christmas, and we are looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend.  Saturday we will host the CP support group meeting and Santa will be joining us!!!!  The kids will be so excited and surprised :-)

Yesterday Lila was able to go shopping at school to buy something for Nora, Matt and I for Christmas.  She came home with money still left in her bag and only a gift for Nora...hahahah!  It is fun to see her care for her sister, as this affection is not always shown on a daily basis.

We also talked about giving money for Lila's angel tree at school, to help a local Verdi family this Christmas.  The girls told me how much they wanted to give (with a few choices) and Lila took that to school yesterday.  Matt and I were also talking about taking them to the store to buy food for the homeless on the streets.  Then taking the girls to hand it out and show them the gift of giving, teaching them that giving is so much more powerful than receiving!

We hope you all are enjoying your Holidays as much as we are, and Santa is getting all of his "toy making" done :-)

Stay warm, share hugs, and GIVE back!

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