Thursday, January 16, 2014

Last day of therapy

Lila has done great this week at therapy!  When we arrived three weeks ago, Lila had taken three (or so) independent steps at home and therapy in Reno.  Since working hard for three weeks, she is taking 7 consistent steps, and now we have the tools to work with her at home every week in her pursuit of walking independently.  She is very motivated and excited to have acquired these new skills.

One issue with her not taking more steps is that her balance isn't quite there in terms of walking independently all of the time.  This is something that is learned behavior for her, and likely will take more time.  As her brain matures, these skills will make more sense to her.  We also hope that her next stem cell treatment will help heal those "damaged neurons" that are in the way of her motivation :-)

Anyway, she has enjoyed her time here in LA.  The Polish team at
Polfit calls her "Lalonia", beautiful little doll, because she keeps them smiling and laughing all day long.  Lila loves the team here, and they take to her more and more each time we come.

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