Thursday, February 13, 2014

fun filled February

It has been great to be back home from therapy, and we have had fun together since our return.  Last Friday the girls and I made Valentine's Day cookies to give out to their friends at church on Sunday, and made a special heart note to give to their Daddy when he got home from work.  He was so excited and felt so loved (as a lot of times when he comes home, the girls are crabby and have just woken up from naps).  Wish I had taken a picture of that, but slipped my mind.  Nora wrote, "Happy Day to you Daddy!".  So great!

Then on Saturday, Matt took the girls to the Children's Museum while I worked all day.  They played for a few hours at the children's museum, and a couple of Nora's friends were there too!  Lila and Nora love the children's museum, and always make time for climbing in the clouds, as well as painting on the glass wall :-)

This weekend we have swimming lessons on Saturday morning, which they are always looking forward to, a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, and church on Sunday.  Full weekend of fun and excitement once again.  Matt and I have decided not to go out for Valentine's day, but stay in and watch a new movie with the girls.  We will enjoy a family Valentine's Day, and maybe he and I will grab dinner together on Saturday night.  We just really love spending time with the girls, and it doesn't seem to happen enough, so we best cherish it while we can :-)

More big news of February...Lila lost her first tooth!!!!  I am sure most of you have thought that she lost her
two front teeth a long time ago, but that did not happen by itself.  We had to have both of those removed.  One because she kept losing her balance while crawling, chipping the tooth further and further down until the nerve was hit.  The other because her and I were playing in her bed and she jerked her head, hitting the headboard and basically knocking the tooth out (the dentist just did the final pull).  So, this tooth that fell out was from the natural progression of any little girls maturing little mouth :-)  So much fun!  She was terrified at what would happen, how it would feel, and where it would go.  So, the first night we realized that it was loose, she said to me, "Mommy...", I said, "Yes Lila"...., she responded,"So, when my abdomen falls out...".  I was laughing so hard at that point that she could not even finish her sentence.  Really have no idea where she was headed, but it was so cute that she was thinking about the loose tooth in such an abstract way :-)

Hope you all have had a wonderful February as well!!!!

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