Monday, October 31, 2016

4 more months to go

Lila has just completed her first 4 week session of intensive physical therapy.  I always forget about the pattern during these 4 weeks.  The first two and a half weeks are always very tough for Lila.  Her body is exhausted and she doesn't want to go on.  The towards the beginning of the third week, Lila turns it around...everytime!  Sure enough, the middle of week three showed huge changes for Lila.

The first two weeks Lila was very wobbly in her gait, and her stamina was low.  She would take 150 to 180 steps per day, and complain the entire 1 1/2 hours that those steps took.  Middle of week three led to 200 steps, 225 steps, and 300 steps.  We were so amazed!  Then came week four...265 steps, 375 steps, 450 steps, 589 steps, and 610 steps on Friday!!!!  She may lose her balance a couple of times during the walking session, but has learned how to catch herself before she falls now :-)  AAnnndddd, 610 steps only took her 40 minutes!

I have to also say that Lila has been having a TON of trouble sleeping here.  For those of you that know Lila, this may come as no surprise.  However, it usually takes a couple of weeks for her to settle in, and we have been here since September 24th...much longer than a couple of weeks.  Sometimes therapy does this to her body, as all of the new circulation to the brain causes her brain to run on overdrive, and her body to be next to non functional.  Well, it has never been this bad before.  She hasn't napped but 3 times in 3 weeks, and is having a huge amount of trouble getting comfortable in bed at night, every night.  She will be yawning uncontrollably at dinner at 5pm, so right after dinner we will start the bedtime routine.  Lila will be in bed by 6:45 or 7:00, and will still be calling me at 9:30 pm to come in her room because she can't get comfortable.  I am trying everything at this point, and am hoping for this pattern to break very very soon.  The bags under her eyes are almost bruised, as they are so dark and purple black from lack of sleep, and at home she is falling like crazy because her body is not getting the recovery time it needs.  In this state, I have no idea how she took 610 steps, but she did!

I am thankful for so much, and extra thankful that we are not coming home after this 4 weeks session, like we would normally be doing.  We will continue to stay here and put in the hard work, so that upon our return, Lila will be a dramatically different "walker" :-)

Thank you all for all of your unbelievable support!

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  1. You are an amazing mother and so proud of how far Lila has gone. I love you guys!