Thursday, November 3, 2016

Little angels

Before leaving Nevada, I had a couple of the women, whom I love and trust, tell me to look out for those Angels that would come my way on this journey to FL.  Everyone we have crossed paths with, except that nasty landlord, has been just wonderful.  However, a few people really stand out on our journey thus far.

Fist of all, when Matt was still with us early on, we popped into this hospice thrift store in Mt. Dora, FL.  The most wonderful women embraced us, and one offered to babysit at anytime throughout our stay :-)  We had just me these ladies!  This happened again at the pool, here in our Villa area.  April, and her husband Doug, were hanging at the pool one day, and they just took to our kids immediately.  They are grandparents themselves, and reached out with the same offer.  I must look flustered often...hahaha!!!

Two other angels that have come our way, are Dick and Sandy, our lovely neighbors here in Apopka, whom are from Detroit.  Where we are staying, is not exactly convenient, nor is it accessible.  The parking lot is a 4-5 minute walk from our unit, so I lock the girls in each morning, go get the car, pull into this more convenient 20 minute pull out, go back to the unit, get the girls packed and out the door, and we make our way to the car, and off to therapy we go.  For groceries, I have a wagon to load at the 20 minute pull out, and take them as close to the unit as I can get, then take all of the bags out of the wagon, and go down two sets of 3 stairs to the unit.

I only explain all of that because this gift will make so much more sense...Dick became friendly with our family, and would take Nora on golf cart rides in the evening, with he and his dog, Abby.  Everyone has a golf cart here, and that is how they get around more conveniently.  After a week of knowing Dick, he said shockingly, "You don't have a golf cart?", and I said that we were just renting and it was not something that was provided.  He recommended that I go to the golf club and ask if I could rent one for the duration of our stay.  Instead, he decided to do this for me.  Well, the guy running the golf club said that we would need to pay $150 per month for the cart, and Dick got upset
with him.  So, he came back the next day and relayed that news to me.  I told him it was no big deal, we were fairing well, and I was just glad to be somewhere safe and clean, with nice neighbors.  He said that wasn't good enough...he would be back tomorrow.  Sure enough, Dick came back the next day with the news that he got us a golf cart!  A friend of Sandy and Dick is not coming down to her unit until later this year, and she is letting us use her cart until then.  Amazing!  This has really changed our daily lives...everything from getting out of the door for therapy, going to the pool, to getting groceries.  I would struggle to get Lila to the car, and I am so very grateful for Dick and Sandy.  Sandy also brought me dinner the other night, and they are working on finding us a unit from December through February, as we are in need of a consistent space.  Above and beyond!

One other Angel I will make note of is Uncle Ron.  All I will say is that he has taken away the stress of me having to move the girls multiple times during our stay.  This means so very much to me, that there aren't even words to describe it.

Lastly, but it really shouldn't be last, is Sylwia...Lila's therapist.  She has changed our lives, mostly Lila's!  Here are two from Lila walking into Whole Foods today, independently, no assistive devices, and the other at Trader Joes.  She insisted on walking herself into Whole Foods from the car, and then did the same at Trader Joes.  At TJ's, she proceeded to get a kids cart and roll around the store so steady and strong!  Check it out!  Happy day :-)

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  1. Melts my heart. She'll be running before she knows it.