Monday, April 16, 2012

Art for a fresh start

What an amazing weekend!  We had our art fundraiser this past weekend, thanks to Eileen Fuller, and it was a huge success!  

Shauna, Eileen's friend, bought a few pieces to support Lila, including my favorite purse...thanks Shauna!

This wall of art is 50% donation to Lila
This wall of art was all 100% donation to Lila
First off, the generosity of all of the local artists was overwhelming.  The walls were filled with artwork from watercolors (Eileen's amazing work), to oil paintings, photography, and even some jewelry!  Many pieces sold, along with a bunch of sea glass necklaces and handmade purses.  Justine, JKH photography and Recycle Me Lovely, sold many recycled hair accessories, rings and earrings, as well as a few photography packages (if anyone is interested in family photos, Justine is amazing!).  So

all of our sales combined raised $1337 for Lila's treatments/therapies...WOW!  This is more than Matt and I could have ever imagined!  Not to mention that the art will be up at Jolt-n-Java for the rest of the month, and any other sales go directly to Lila.  We still hope for more sales, so stop by, grab a cup of coffee, and check out the amazing local artwork.

As for purses, I have four left...the two red/orange/blue circle ones, the Spring flowered one with the blue top, and the beige one with the circles on the top.  So, if anyone is interested in a unique Mother's Day gift, give me a call!!!!!

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