Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy Easter Holiday!

Happy belated Easter to you all!  What a fun and busy weekend we had.  Saturday morning the girls had swimming lessons at 9 a.m., and then we headed to an Easter egg hunt for the rest of the morning.  As we enter the football field, Nora and Lila both say that they are not interested in giving the Easter bunny a hug, or even getting close to him for that matter.  By the end of the morning, Nora would not leave the Easter Bunny alone, as she requested at least 75 hugs from the bunny throughout the morning.  She found eggs with the Easter bunny, and even made the bunny pick her up multiple times!
Since Lila has to do everything Nora does, she too wouldn't leave until the Easter bunny picked her up for a hug...
Here's Nora chasing the Easter bunny.....
Lila getting herself some eggs too :-)

We colored Easter eggs as well, which has been terribly unsuccessful in the past.   However, this year we had so much fun coloring on the eggs, and then getting to pick the colors that the girls dipped the eggs in.  Lila even became very good at putting the egg on the little holder while dipping it in the coloring.  So great to see!  This was definitely a turning point for us :-)

On Easter morning we hosted an Easter brunch, with some very good old friends, and had another Easter egg hunt.  Wow, these kids are lucky!  This too was a fun morning shared with good friends, and much laughter.  Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday as well.

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