Sunday, November 4, 2012

pink and purple leaves

So vibrant!

 For the past month Lila, Nora, and I have been noticing, and having lengthy conversations about the changing colors of the leaves this Fall.  These have been funny chats :-)  Last week I ran into Lila's speech therapist at school and she mentioned that she has been having the same conversations with Lila.  Talking about the colors; yellows, golds, reds, browns, greens, and oranges.  When describing these beautiful colors, Lila always says that the leaves also turn pink and purple.  I laugh as we say, "They don't turn pink and purple, silly".  Her therapist mentioned that she has had the very same conversation with Lila :-)

My favorite!  All of the colors of the season in one tree :-)

As I was driving around town yesterday,  I noticed that some of the trees did have leaves that were in the pink and purple families, and then felt bad about limiting her awareness and abilities to describe what she is seeing in nature.  Uugghhh!  I will never do this again, as I should take the time to notice and try to see what she is seeing.  You can learn something from that little one :-)  This is what I will take away from our conversations about Fall colors, and I share this so that you can all do the same!

Have a great week!

bike ride with Matt and Nora

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