Thursday, February 24, 2011

Purses and Paintings FOR a fund-raising update

Hello friends, family, and our local community!

We are forging ahead with fund-raising and have a new total (drum roll please......) $7150.00 !!!!!  Thank you all for your support.  These funds have allowed us to begin testing to see if Lila and Nora are an HLA (components within the stem cells) match, blood type match, etc.  These tests will be quite comprehensive and costly, but will tell us if we will be able to use Nora's cord blood to help Lila or not.  There are very detailed steps that need to be taken with CBR (cord blood registry) in order to even be allowed to have her blood released from the bank, of which we have begun this past week.  Movin' forward and excited to be one step closer to the treatment!

On another note, we have 9 purses and 9 paintings for sale!  Check them out...

#1 - $35 cream colored like #8 (sorry, bad photo), tan interior, 13"w (bottom) x 8"w (top) x 7 1/2"h
#2 - $35 durable upholstery weight material, , chocolate interior, 14"w x 7"h
#3 - $35 chocolate with butterflies (so cute), dark blue interior,15"w (bottom) x 10"w (top) x 8"h
#4 - $35 blues and creams, casual and simple, tan interior, 15"w (bottom) x 8"w (top) x 7"h
#5 - $40 silver and red with grey-ish interior, 14 1/2"w (bottom) x 12"w (top) x 8"h
#6 - $35 Paris here we come!  Pink and black with a clear button, black interior, smaller bag, 11 1/2"w (bottom) x 9"w (top) x 8 1/2"h
#7 - $30 light weight fabric with a satin top ribbon, same interior as main fabric, 12 1/2"w (bottom) x 9"w (top) x 9"h
#8 - $30 cream colored stripe, tan interior, 13"w (bottom) x 7"w (top) x 8"h
#9 - $35 fun fabric combo, chocolate interior, 15"w (bottom) x 11"w (top) x 7 1/2"h

#1 - The purple storm
#2 - The green movement
#3 - The lava slide
#4 - Green and Orange
#5 - Color explosion
#6 - The hidden ghost
#7 - Dancing colors
#8 - The sandstorm
#9 - Red October (you can thank Matt for this one :-)
ALL $25 and 11x14

Purses and paintings can either be purchased through the blog (using the Chipin button...specify with a little note to let us know what you would like), or by contacting me directly:  If you would like more detailed photos, drop me a note and I will get you whatever you need.


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