Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thank you to Family First Chiropractic

On Wednesday morning I received a call from our Chiropractor/friend inviting me to have a booth at their vendor fair on Friday.  You may be thinking..."two days notice?".  Yes, but what a blessing that we were given the chance to raise money for Lila by selling purses and paintings.  So, I spent every waking hour of the next couple of days making purses and getting organized for the display.

Friday afternoon came very fast, but was an exciting time.  The evening was called the "Night of Indulgence" and was geared towards women, which was fun for everyone.   I met some exceptional women yesterday, of whom are living with similar daily challenges, and it was a blessing to have the opportunity to make those connections.  Thank you so very much to Family First Chiropractic!

During the vendor fair, we sold three purses and two paintings, along with some people giving random donations.  In total, we raised $232.00 for Lila's stem cell treatment.  YAY!  What a huge success for a spur of the moment event.

Thank you to all of the women we met yesterday, and for reaching out to us as a family.  Reno truly does have an amazing community full of love and support, for which we are grateful.

The response to Lila's artwork was great, and everybody's eyes lit up when Lila showed up and greeted them with a smile :-)  Lila's paintings will soon be displayed at the south office of Family First Chiropractic, so be on the look-out!

The Dot Purse-$40
As for the purses, I have a handful left and have attached photos below for sale. In the event that you have any questions, or would like further details on a specific purse, please drop me a note.  Likewise, if you don't see something that you love, I will have another installment in the very near future,  Keep checking back :-)

The greatest part about buying a purse is that all of the funds go directly to Lila for her stem cell treatment!  So, start shopping :-)
The Chocolate Wonder - $40
The Casual Stripe - $30
The Modern Texture - $40

Red, Gold, and Green - $40

The Sophisticated Stripe - $30


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