Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The funny and exciting things Lila says...

As of a few months ago, Lila started saying some really funny things.  This is a stage that a 3 year old would hit, and so it is fun to see Lila making progress.

Lila playing chase with her sister.
On Superbowl Sunday we had just gotten through watching the half-time show, and Lila was sitting down to eat dinner.  Matt was hanging out with her and having a very deep conversation that went like so:
Matt..."Lila, was that your favorite half-time show you've ever seen?"
Lila....just looking at him intently...
Matt..."Oh wait, your favorite might have been where Janet Jackson ended the show by pulling out her nipple, huh?
Lila...."Yeah, she pulled out her tooth and Dr. Nicole fixed it!"  (As you all can probably figure out...#1 Lila has had her tooth pulled out, #2  Dr. Nicole is her dentist).
I was standing at the stove cooking and laughing so hard that I couldn't turn around, and she was so deadpan serious, which made it even more hilarious :-)

The storytelling part of Lila's brain seems to be affected, which is a characteristic of CP kids.  Therefore, we hear the same story all of the time, and she will never tell us how her day was at school, what she did in school, or even if she had a good day...until yesterday!  She got up from her nap and Matt was home, so he went upstairs to get her.  They were coming down the stairs and he was asking her what she did at school today.  Lila told him that she had cupcakes at school because it was Michael's birthday.  Most of the time she just makes something up, so he wasn't sure if he should have believe her or not, but this time it was true!  YAY!  Unfortunately she didn't tell him about her academics, but we'll take it :-)

Lila loves playing ball lately!
The last thing Lila said, which was very exciting, was last night when we were eating dinner (seems to be the right time for her to come up with good stuff).  What a great day it was yesterday!  We make the girls these alphabet potatoes, which they love.  Actually, they are Lila's favorite so she asks for them all of the time, and we always hope that she will get the letters correct before she eats them.  Nope, never works, until last night!  She looked at Matt while holding up a letter and said, " this is the letter M" (and it was!), then Matt asked her the next one and she got it right, and then the third one as well.  I think we were giving her too many high-5's because she started to get silly and was not paying attention any longer, not having success with the rest of the letters.  Nevertheless, it is so exciting to see the progress she has made, and we hope that the Stem Cell Treatment will give her even more confidence to make this type of a situation occur on a regular basis.

Thank you all for your support!!!!


  1. Amazing! Isn't it fun to see progress in your child. Treasure each and every moment because she will grow out of those fun stages. Yes, even Lila. That's the blessing and curse of watching them grow up ;)