Friday, February 18, 2011


It has been snowing now since Tuesday evening, and at lake level (Lake Tahoe) they are supposed to have 5 - 7 feet by tomorrow morning!  So exciting, but we have not been out to play in it yet.

This is where having a child with a physical disability really puts a damper on the fun of being able to just run outside and play (summer or winter).  Anytime Lila wants to go outside and play we have to be with her the entire time.  We have to help her walk through the snow, get on a sled, etc., and in the spring and summer, we have to help her to get up and down the slide, balance on the swings, navigate her walker in the yard, etc.  If you are a parent you know that you don't always have time to stop making dinner or take a break from work to spend a couple of hours outside helping your child get around.  As a matter of fact, most parents send their kids outside to get a break!  Please don't take those free minutes for granted, and enjoy what you have,
 be it a child with special needs or a typical developing child.

That all being said, we are going outside this morning!  Lila is off school and Matt is off work because of the weather, so he is currently building a sled hill in the front yard!  Yay!  Lila's friend, Jaden, is coming over to sled with us and it will make for a fun morning and early afternoon.  Lila has been watching Matt out the window as he concocts his masterpiece, and she is getting so excited!

Lila was tired of sledding, so we moved onto snowman building, where her and Jaden had a blast!  They truly did make the bulk of this snowman :-)  Thank goodness it was steady enough to hold her up for the photo op!

She is so awesome ;-)  We are very lucky parents.

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