Friday, June 17, 2011

CP and stem cells

I thought this was interesting information based on some new studies with adult stem cells (i.e. umbilical cord stem cells).  This is everything we hope for Lila, and more :-)

Adult stem cell studies show promise

Jun 12, 2011
Description: disease
With respect to adult stem cells being used in heart recovery attempts, a patient who had a failing heart for almost 18 months had injections of…


the day after arriving at the hospital. The patient's son, who had driven his father to the hospital for the stem cell treatment, was pleased to note that, beginning 36 hours after the stem cell injection into his father's heart, his father already had much more energy than before, had a much brighter countenance and was able to move around in ways that he hadn't been able for almost two years.

Nervous system
In the cases of cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries and strokes where adult stem cells were used, recoveries were almost miraculous in every case. More specifically, in the cases of cerebral palsy, adult stem cells were injected directly into the brain. As noted by doctors and researchers, what appeared to happen then was migration to the injured site.

Once they had found the injury site, adult stem cells then began to switch to the type of cells that attract a chemical named chemokines, which attract white cells and the body's own adult stem cells, both of which are needed in the healing process. Several days after the stem cell injections, a significant increase in fine motor skills was observed in the study's patients.

In every case of cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries and strokes, significant improvements were noted with significant recovery of function. Medically and chemically, stem cells were injected directly and they then migrated to that brain's injured areas and began their work.

In a spinal cord injury study, adult stem cells were injected directly into the injured part of the spinal cord where they, again, began doing their work. Again, significant gains in function were also noted.

The overall point to be made here is that the right kind of adult stem cells work in helping a person with most central nervous system dysfunctions to begin recovery…

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