Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our nerves are running high

Good morning!

Lila's stem cell treatment quickly approaches....only 7 days to go!  Lila, Matt and I leave on Monday to head to San Diego.   We spend the night in San Diego at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club (yep, you read that right...crazy huh?).
SIDE NOTE:  My cousin works there, and had found out that her friends and family get a discounted rate at the La Jolla Hotel across the street, which the Beach and Tennis Club owns.  So, I called Lindsay to inquire.  Since she had never made such a request before, so she asked this friend of hers where to send an email with Lila's story and who to ask about the discounted rate?  Lindsay was told to send it directly to her, and the request was then presented to upper management.  Long story short, The La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club has comped us a week stay in a two bedroom suite with a full living room, kitchen, deck,and private beach access.  WOW!  This is amazing, and Lisa probably has no idea exactly what she has done for us.  Lila will be able to get the rest she needs, before and after the treatment, and Matt and I will actually feel as though we have gotten a break from all of the stress and chaos that has consumed our lives for the past 6 months.  I can take a deep breath and smile when I think about the generosity of Lindsay, Lisa, and the staff/owners at La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club!  Thank you!!!!

Ok, back to the plan...We will stay in San Diego Monday evening, and then Tuesday morning we will get picked up and be shuttled across the border to the hospital.  The hospital is said to be in a business district that is about 5 minutes over the border into Tijuana.  This is an area that people come to from the states, daily, for work and the like.  Very safe and clean.

Anyway, upon our arrival at the hospital, Lila will have some blood work drawn and then we will get situated in our room.  We will spend the night at the hospital Tuesday evening, and Lila will have the treatment Wednesday morning.  Administering the stem cells (30% IV and 70% intrathecal-spinal), takes about 1 1/2 hours.  We will then spend the night at the hospital Wednesday evening and be released sometime on Thursday.  A shuttle will take us back to La Jolla, where we will rest for two days, and then fly back home on Saturday morning.

Prayers are welcome for Lila, our travels, the doctors, and my Mom (as she stays home with a very active 18 month old...hahaha) :-)

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