Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disappointed, Frustrated, and Upset

On Friday we got the news that there are two permits we need to get the blood over the border, and one is being held up by the Government Agency, COPFERIS (or something like that).  What does this mean?  Well, it means that we have had to change everything for this week and are not headed to Mexico.  We are very sad and uneasy about the stress this will bring over the next week or two.

As we sat down last night to see if there was another way to make this happen at a later date, we became more  and more frustrated because the plans we have later in the summer would have to be altered, Lila's three week therapy session would have to changed, in which case we would not have the daycare options that we have available for July, Lila would not be able to start kindergarten on time, and the time and money it would take to change all of these plane tickets and therapies would be ridiculous.

So, every day this week we will be pushing the doctor's, couriers, Cord Blood Registry, and anyone else (so don't get in our way), to make this happen the next week.

Does anyone happen to know anyone in the Mexican government?  Maybe they can help?  Kind of a joke, but actually may be a possibility....hhhmmmmmm.

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