Sunday, June 19, 2011

Intensive physical therapy

It's official!  Lila, Nora, and I will be headed to LA in September to attend a 4-week intensive physical therapy program, using the therasuit, universal cage, and spider (all apparatus used to help kids become more mobile and stable).

This program is run by Polfit, and has many physical therapists whom all come from Poland.  The therasuit method of therapy comes from Poland, and is also used around Eastern Europe.  Here is a bit about what we are going to experience...   (this is a 15 minute video, so it is a bit time consuming, however will show you what Lila will be doing for three weeks).

We are very excited to allow her this opportunity...thanks to you all, and the support you have shown!  We are also excited to find out that insurance may cover a bit of the program.  Still in the works, not sure how much, but anything is better than nothing :-)
Lila, sitting up so strong on the stool

Lastly, it turns out that the stem cell treatment is costing more than anticipated, with all of the extras that come along with shipping the cord blood, blood work between the girls, testing on the cord blood itself, and the costs that add up at Cord Blood Registry to pay for their time in handling all of this.  With solid costs to date, we are looking at $21,175, and there are still a few thousand of floating costs that I have not gotten numbers on yet.  This is a bit of a bummer, but Lila is worth it :-)   I know deep down in my heart that Lila will benefit tremendously from this treatment, and that she will soon be running circles around Nora (whether it is with her walker having more control, with sticks, or independently).  She has amazing strength, and it can only get better.

WAIT...ONE MORE THING!  I forgot to share that Lila stood independently for 15 seconds yesterday, and then followed with 20 seconds (her legs were shaking like crazy on the 20 second round :-).  Amazing!!! More progress updates to come!

Love to you all :-)

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