Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fund-raising to date....

Thanks to a dear friend here in Reno, we have just hit the $4500 mark!  Yay!  Thanks to all that have given their support, not only through contributions, but through time, organizing fund-raising events, purse making, graphic design, blog creation, and so much more!

The "LilaDoll"...isn't it adorable!
Our dear niece who is 10 years old has decided that she wants to be a part of the fund-raising efforts to help Lila.  She is an amazing artist, as all of the ladies are in Matt's family, and makes these absolutely fabulous "Lila dolls" by hand.  They are her own artistic take on the Ugly Doll, and are so much cuter!  So, she will be making them per order.  See the info below:
-  $15 per Lila Doll
-  Each Lila Doll will be creatively hand-sewn, and each will be different.
-  All proceeds will go to Lila
-  If you would like to donate more on top of the cost of the Lila Doll, the donation above and beyond the $15 will be tax deductible.
-  This is a great gift for a niece, nephew, baby shower, daughter, friend, and even for yourself :-)

If you are interested, please drop me a note and I will place the order for you!  Thank you to Annicka for this great idea!

On Thursday evening I went over the the local Crossfit Gym (that Ty and Soupha own....which is absolutely awesome and is changing peoples lives by the day!) and made a display of Lila's purses and paintings.  If you see something you like, drop by the gym (9410 Prototype Dr. #12) or let me know and I will get it to you.  The next set of paintings and purses will go up on the blog for sale within the next week or two!  Be sure to check back to the site for them!

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